Skill scarcity is crippling Business in Africa!

South Africa is experiencing a serious skills shortage – and the situation is worsening at an alarming rate!

We came across various articles on the Internet such as …

South Africa has the world’s highest brain drain and worst skills shortages of 55 countries studied and its productivity is plummeting. This is according to Productivity SA and the 2007 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. In the same book South Africa ranked last on infrastructure, internet costs, health problems, availability of qualified engineers and life expectancy.”

“About 81% of companies experience difficulty in recruiting staff due to a shortage of skills … known as the National Remuneration Guide, the survey, released by the accounting firm Deloitte & Touché, was conducted in February (2008)”.

 We at Tricruit are deeply concerned about the situation and we are constantly brainstorming ways and means to assist our valued clients and we have asked ourselves, “What can companies do to alleviate this crisis and attract and retain strong talent?” Finally we have solutions for you!

In these times of economic/financial difficulties that include exorbitant food prices, travelling costs, education fees, medical fees, high interest rates, etc., it will be a definite draw card if companies were to “up” their employees quality of life, benefits, re-look at bonuses, incentives, perks and just generally revise their salary packages to market value.

 Quality of life, career planning and money are crucial to an employee!

Market value for remuneration used to change annually but now it’s biannually and for specialized positions where scarcity of skill is very severe it’s quarterly! Don’t wait for your employee to resign in order for you to counter offer as a last attempt to retain your human capital wealth.

Improve your company branding! Get your staff to share your company’s vision, goals and aspirations.

Upgrade your succession planning, putting recruitment on hold now till “the political situation changes” or “the Rand strengthens” is SUICIDE!

Please consider this important aspect as we need you to retain your skilled people and not lose them to competitors or even worse, other countries, who offer them irresistible salaries and incentives!


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