Technology has robbed people of humanity…

By Anastasia Thomaides – SAHETI Grade 12 (creative writing)

Steel, wire and brass, cement, brick and glass, plastic and tin are processed towards the bin, buried beneath the earth and are coded under our skin. Sacred materials are salvaged from the earth, manufactured by man and complimented by a ‘silvery’ complexion. A prized image, characterised as a mechanical saviour, labels our era as technologically advanced, a modern investment that leads us towards the unknown causing a major quarrel to whether or not the new millennia is a friend or a foe.

Technology, much like its tone, has a grey area to which it contains a superior and a dire symbolism of social networking. The cause of a positive and a negative imagery provides a parallel idea of progress versus dependence or addiction. The development of technicalities has without a doubt replaced the human factor: hands, feet – movement – has become rigid as we develop into robotic forms allowing prosthetic limbs to adopt our ‘dirty’ work, taking upon the duty to do hated yet necessary daily tasks. 

From relying on the strength of our vocal cords and the sacred man who delivers our mail to the dependence of carry-on telephones and a spectacular invention known as the internet, life on planet earth has indeed stepped forward and the use of electronics has definitely created a beneficial movement of communication. The correspondence of information has allowed our mind to grow through the use of easy accessible equipment, providing individuals with a chance to increase their personal knowledge of the world. Yet, the question still remains – have we become too reliant? 

Tap, tap, is the constant sound that the laptop makes as I shove my fingers down onto the keyboard. Click, click is the irritating noise that comes out of a cell phone when texting a friend. Br-r-r-ii-n-n-n-g is the deafening sound of an intercom calling a person from the other room. Vroom, vroom is the piercing echo that results from the pressure of rubber slamming against the black hardened river. Its official – the natural songs of the earth have drowned out by an artificial hum – life on our planet has inevitably become lost to the calling of the ‘prosperous’ world. 

Facebook, twitter, msn, and Skype have become permanent communication centers. People of today’s generation are seen to be eternally consumed by the screens of a computer or cellular phone, planning their lives around mxit and Google, paralysing their delicate bodies’ and benefiting merely an industrial addiction. The abuse on technology has caused a back track on civilization – Darwin’s theory on evolution has become degraded as we have developed backwards to the apes – falling from the peak of man kind towards an arched and crooked form. We have become a plain structure – a form much like the shape of the great pyramids, digging deeper to discover an ‘easier’ way of living. 

Are we prisoners of progress? The answer to that question is – yes we are. We have become obsessed with technology constantly relying on the mechanical tools to provide a faster means of production and communication. We rely on our metal friends in order to survive the world in order to create the feeling of security otherwise we would feel that we should seize to exist. We have undeniably lost something most precious to us and that is – the natural world.  

People have become extensions of machines!


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